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Wake up!
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I made a good dinner for us last night. Mushroom soup (with lots of garlic and red onion), and a baked acorn squash for dessert. Both turned out very tasty (of course, it's hard to screw up baking a squash, unless you burn it). Yeah, I can see how people live as vegetarians. It seems increasingly possible. Tonight I think we'll be lazy and eat burritos or Thai food, though.

Heather's going to be away most of the weekend doing various things with friends, so I have to decide what to do with myself. Ideally I'll write a short story or clean the house or something, but we'll see. I'm not supposed to spend time in the sun while I'm taking these antibiotics (I'm a medical vampire!), so long walks or sitting in a courtyard drinking beer are right out. Maybe I'll find some movie Heather doesn't want to see and catch a matinee. Could be fun. I'm looking forward to a long relaxing weekend with no responsibilities or plans. My big responsibility is going grocery shopping. I think I can swing that.

I'm reading my Xmas gift from my friend D: Wake Up, Sir! by Jonathan Ames, a pretty fun novel about a drunken author and his valet, who is coincidentally named Jeeves (it seems likely Jeeves is a hallucination, but I'm not very far into the book yet). It's not the sort of novel I read often -- the "plot" is basically just the narrator wandering around and screwing everything up -- but it's enjoyable. The absurdity of a modern (well, mid-90s) not-especially-successful writer having his own valet generates some inherent comedy, and the writing is often quite lovely.

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