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Games Begin
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I re-did my main website page. Take a look at it here. Nothing fancy, but it's more professional than the old version, I think (there are no longer joke references to erotic haiku, for instance). Plus, book covers! It occurred to me that I have four book covers now, and by gods they oughta be on my main page in all their shiny glory. So they are. See, only half my book covers feature dudes in cowboy hats. The other half features little girls. I'm totally diverse! I decided to put a few of my favorite blurbs/quotes on the page, mostly because it looked a little skimpy with the otherwise-minimal text.

It's been a quiet weekend. Yesterday I went up to Berkeley, sold a few used books, browsed in Comic Relief and Other Change of Hobbit, and sat at Au Coquelet reading and munching french fries. I'm still somewhat sick -- I got really winded walking around -- which is annoying, but I'm sure the antibiotics will do their work eventually. I also made the mistake of going grocery shopping yesterday, and the store was insanely crowded, jam-packed with fat dudes buying cases of budweiser and giant bags of potato chips. (I've got nothing against Superbowl parties, though football doesn't much interest me -- any excuse for friends to get together and eat guacamole is fine by me -- but it was, um, a different shopping demographic than I'm used to, and kind of annoying when all I wanted was to quickly grab some kitty litter and tortillas.) Enjoy the game if you're watching it.

Last night I watched a truly terrible horror movie, Rest Stop. It was lousy, and I loved it, because I have a weakness for lousy horror movies. (I like good horror movies, too, but somehow the really terrible ones, with their gaping plot holes and leaps of illogic, are fine by me too.) Basically, it made no sense, so much so (or so little so) that I went online in search of explanations and found some from the director. If he'd made the movie he had in his mind, it might have been a good film! A remote rest stop as a haunted house, plagued by a ghost of vengeance, trapping wrongdoers in a temporal black hole from which there's no escape? Sounds great! None of the information to get that interpretation was really there on the screen, though apparently if you get the DVD, there are extras that explain what the hell was going on. Oh well. It was nice seeing Joey Laurence get run over by a magic yellow pickup truck.

I was going to try to write a story yesterday, but I never managed it. I have a similar goal today, though so far I've been awake for 3.5 hours and I haven't done much but drink coffee, make a smoothie, and futz around online. I need to do some laundry and wash dishes, but I am going to try to write something. Seriously. Any minute now.

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