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Now, for the most part, I'm being responsible with the latest check from my publisher. It's almost entirely going to taxes and paying down debt. But I'm spending, oh, 7% of it on pure self-indulgence. So I hit Amazon and ordered God of War and the new God of War II for the Playstation 2 (which I got just a few months ago, for Xmas -- I'm not overly concerned with being technologically cutting-edge, as you may have realized!), and the latest Fables collection. And soon we'll go to Santa Cruz for yummy hedonism, where I will surely eat and drink and revel quite well. Part of me feels guilty for blowing a few hundred bucks on pure self-indulgence when there are debts to pay, but damn it, there's a quality of life issue here! And besides, this hedonism will improve my mood, and my productivity goes up when I'm happy, so ultimately, spending money on video games and comics and a trip to Santa Cruz? It's an investment in my future.

There's a new installment of my Caught in the Net column up at the Blowfish blog: Flickrlicious! (Be advised, contains breasts and swear words, etc.) About erotic Flickr blogs, including a couple of really odd ones. Enjoy. Alas, the column is now only at the blog, and not in the Blowfish weekly e-mail newsletter, because too many ISPs are now bouncing e-mails that contain more than x number of URLs, and since the column is all about links, well...

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