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We'll End Up Sittin' On A Rainbow
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I went to bed early last night, and as an inevitable consequence, I'm up early now... I have a hard time sleeping more than eight hours, and six hours is usually plenty. It's still dark out, so I can't tell whether or not it will be a beautiful day yet. I remain optimistic.

My computer is fixed! It was just a dead power supply, and the repairs are relatively cheap. I can't go pick it up until Monday, but I wasn't planning on doing much in the way of computing this weekend anyway (more drinking, carousing, card-playing, moon-howling-at, etc.). The worry that my computer was now a dead lump of plastic and fused toxic compounds was pretty much my only source of anxiety, so I go into this weekend with a light heart!

I heard John Prine and Iris Dement's song "In Spite of Ourselves" on KPIG radio the other day, and just bought it from iTunes (via Heather's computer, natch, which I then had to "authorize" just so I could listen to the thing, sigh). There are a few songs in the world that just plain make me happy, and that's one of them -- I figured it was silly to depend on radio serendipity to expose me to a source of happiness, so this is 99 cents well-spent.

Oh, I heard from Steve Eley at Escape Pod last night, and he's buying my story "Impossible Dreams." Whoo! Soon to be presented for your audio pleasure!

Y'all have a nice weekend. I'll be back in touch next week, perhaps with Wondrous Revelations, if I get permission to share my secret good news.

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