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Locus on Hart & Boot & etc.
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There's a good long review of Hart & Boot & Other Stories in the latest issue of Locus, by Faren Miller. I won't quote the whole thing, but here are some highlights...

Many of the people in Tim Pratt’s collection Hart & Boot & Other Stories are ornery, unsatisfied, and thrust into contact with some myth or fable that has crept its way back into the modern (or near-modern) world. Whether they fight with it or work with it, the anachronism has taken them unawares and changed their lives. He also likes strong women. [...]

A few of the women are genuine monsters still on the prowl in the 21st century, like the winged roommate of ‘‘Living with the Harpy’’ and the narrator in ‘‘Komodo’’ (the book’s one original). So are some males, including the menacing shape changer in the powerful tale ‘‘Romanticore’’ and a creature in ‘‘Komodo’’ who is more ‘‘reluctant’’. [...] Those best suited to survive will learn to cope with our world in one way or another, whether that means giving a partner back her humanity, as the Harpy will do, or searching for a way to encourage it in themselves. It takes a combination of mental flexibility and toughness that seems to come more naturally to the females, though he later admits that the protagonist of ‘‘Komodo’’ may still be ‘‘too tough for her own good.’’

He portrays the world of modern 20- and 30-somethings in all its grunge and clamor – spoiled relationships, AIDS tests, the latest incarnations of loud rock and sexuality – but it doesn’t dominate every story. [...]

The book ends with ‘‘Dream Engine’’, a marvelous mix-up of genres – steampunk, Vanc­ian SF, serial-killer mystery, and the intriguing strangeness of unearthly genders and dimensions. This one may lead to sequels; I hope so, for Pratt is just as much at home in this wild realm of the imagination as he is in our own times, with their tough women and bewildered, lovesick men.

Works for me! Go buy the book, if you haven't. There's a Hugo nominee in it! Holy crap! How'd that get in there?

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