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Knee Deep in Novels
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Sweet day off! It's even sweeter because Heather has today off, too, so we'll probably go hiking or have a picnic or something later. Yay!

Copyedits for Blood Engines arrived yesterday. (Yeah, that's an Amazon link, and you could, indeed, pre-order the book now if you wanted.) I've got two whole weeks to turn the copyedits around! Easy! I love looking at copyeditor style sheets. This one has a big alphabetized list of all the people (and deities, and musical groups) I mention. There are more characters here than I realized...

Anyway, I got all my freelance work for the week done early, and I can do the copyedits this weekend, so I have the day free to hang out with Heather. I'm sure I'll do some work, though (if nothing else, I tend to be up earlier than she is, and when I'm bored, I work). I've also started revising the Bridge novel, AKA The Light of a Better World, and shit, yo, it's good! I mean, I'm only four chapters in so far, and there's plenty of stuff I have to fix, and I've slashed out some chunks and written some new scenes... but overall, I'm really happy with this book. I think it's very cool, and it's probably my most personal and ambitious book. Hope y'all get to read it someday, but, even under the best case scenario, it'll be a couple-few years before it sees print. And it's possible my opinion of its awesomeness will be a minority opinion, so there's no guarantee it'll see print at all, but I'm hopeful.

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