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Over the Bridge
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Happy Zombie Bunnies Day! Heather left a big basket of chocolate on my desk, because last week I expressed a desire for some of those hard sugar shelled chocolate eggs. I got that, and jelly beans, and a solid milk chocolate bunny, and a Cadbury egg, and absolutely no fake Easter grass, for which I am thankful, because there's nothing grosser than fake Easter grass emerging from an omnivorous cat's digestive tract a few days after the holiday. We listened to the traditional Easter song -- "Re Your Brains" by Jonathan Coulton -- and I offered Heather a choice of a Resurrection Smoothie or Scrambled Easter Eggs for breakfast. (She picked the smoothie. So good it'll raise you from the dead!) That's probably the extent of our holiday activities, though. Our nephew is out of town, so there will be no egg hiding or hunting. Ah, well.


We hung out in the back yard a bit this afternoon. I worked on revising the Bridge novel some more and reached the end. I like this book. Later we went for a walk around the lake and watched seagulls fight over shellfish and ducks dive under the water. Very pleasant, and it was a beautiful day, if rather cool.

Back home, I dove right back into The Light of a Better World, typing up my corrections, expanding a few scenes, and basically whipping it into shape. It could maybe use another line edit, since I did add some new material, but I think it's basically there, so I sent it off to my agent to get her take on it.

So now... I'm officially between books. I've revised everything that needs revising.

Which means I should write another book soon, probably book three of my Marla Mason series, the Death book (tentatively titled Dead Reign, though I'm also fond of Terrible Sword). I may take some time off before I dive into that project, though. I'm feeling stretched a little thin, creatively speaking. Fortunately, Flytrap opens to submissions again on April 15 (guidelines are here), so I'll have fiction subs to read, plus I've got layout to do on issue #7, and those things satisfy me creatively without drawing on the same resources I use for writing fiction. Whoo!

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