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Being between books means I have more free time than I'm accustomed to. So, um, stealing an idea from recent entries by John Scalzi and Jeff VanderMeer, I'm throwing this open -- ask me a question in the comments, and I'll answer in an entry to follow. I welcome questions about writing (general or specific to me), life, food, art, etc. etc., pretty much whatever. Don't be shy. You'll be helping me entertain myself.


The first reviews of John Klima's fine anthology Logorrhea are beginning to appear, and there's one by Don D'Ammassa online here (scroll down). Here's the bit about my story:

Tim Pratt's "From Around Here" is a fascinating sort of urban fantasy about earth spirits who take on human form. In a surprisingly short period of time, Pratt lays out a considerable mythology while telling a genuinely moving story wrapped around a mystery. Another probable award contender.

That's what I like to hear!


Life is quite good. I sent off copyedits to Blood Engines. My taxes are paid. I have no noticeable sources of anxiety at the moment. I'm feeling a bit at loose ends, since I'm not currently embroiled in a literary project, but I'll start a new novel at some point soon.

Heather and I came home last night, realized there was nothing on Tivo we wanted to see, and no DVDs from Netflix in the house, and we actually played World of Warcraft. I hadn't played in two months (and had to download a couple of patches before I could play last night, naturally), and the break was long enough that I really had fun with the game again. Maybe I'll keep playing. It would be cool to get a flying mount...

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