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Baby, Books
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My book is out! My book is out! My book is out!

There. That's out of my system. (And it showed up in bookstores as early as last week anyway, but today it's officially out!)

Also today, I officially called in sick. I've been having sinus problems (plus bonus: incomprehensible exhaustion) ever since Sunday when I put the crib together. I figured I'd just kicked up a bunch of dust by moving furniture and set off my allergies, but I woke up with a bad sore throat this morning too, and I really don't want to do a trip to a convention with a cold. What if I lose my voice? So today the recipe was sleep and gallons of water and more sleep. I feel better now, but still too damn tired. (Eventually one reaches a point where sleeping more just makes you more groggy, and I may have reached that point. Still, bed soon.)

Apart from moaning about and sniffling, it's been all about the babies lately. Our doula came over last night and we talked about various labor-related things. Tonight we went to a brief Pediatrics information session, since we have to find a doctor for our baby, because holy crap we're having a baby, Pixel's arrival is imminent, !!!. We did a trip to Costco on Saturday and bought various things, though it turns out they don't carry the first two sizes of diapers! So we gotta buy those somewhere else.

Book book book. Baby baby baby. This, lately, is my life. And, y'know, feeling cruddy aside, it's a pretty awesome life. And the feeling cruddy will pass, leaving only awesomeness behind. And that's awesome.

Read/Post Comments (7)

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