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I had to skip back about 300 entries to catch up on livejournal this morning... good thing my brain was too fried to do anything more productive than reading!

The trip to San Diego was awesome fun. Heather had some discomfort (being eight months' pregnant will do that, it seems), but Greg and Lisa were kind enough to give us their nice big lovely comfy bed, so at least she slept well. We also managed to snag bulkhead seats on the way down, so there was plenty of legroom, which made the trip much more pleasant, and better for Heather's circulation. (Heather got a bulkhead seat on the way home, but I had to sit in the sardine row squeezed behind her, because a family of four able-bodied adults glommed onto their wheelchair-bound granny during pre-boarding and slurped up all the other front-row seats). The convention itself was quite nice -- small, pleasant, low-stress. Did some good panels with some good folks (William F. Wu was especially cool and knowledgeable). Heather and Greg and I did an awesome reading of our Abcedary short-shorts, and I'm sure the four people in the audience liked it. I did a fun interview with Shaun of the Adventures in Scifi Publishing podcast, sitting over by the koi pond at the hotel. Heather and I went out for a highly fancy-schmancy anniversary dinner at 1500 Ocean in the Hotel del Coronado, and ate amazingly good food and cooed at one another. (Greg loaned us his car for the night. Best host ever!) We ate delightfully greasy bar food by the beach, and had a very memorable tapas meal where Greg and I drank a pitcher of sangria each (and the cute waiter poured Coke all over Dr. Lisa!). We went to Mysterious Galaxy and I signed their stock. The dealer's room at the con had all my books, even my poetry collection, and I think Heather took a picture -- it was a bit surprising, seeing all five of them piled up there together. I mean, it would seem I went and became an author at some point... We talked, we laughed, we mocked, etc. A good time was had.

The weekend was over far too quickly, and now we're back to real life, where there are litter boxes to scoop and garbage to haul outside and deadlines to beat, but the joy of the weekend just past will sustain us through those travails...

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