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Blunt Objects
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I am so busy I may well burst into flames. Which would inhibit my productivity, so I'm lucky it's raining.

(Yes, if I'm that busy I shouldn't be writing journal entries, but in my twisted worldview this counts as necessary downtime, and I did a lot of work today.)

Last Saturday was pleasant, if a tad exhausting. Went to Borderlands and read a bit from Blood Engines. Not one of my best performances. I didn't have time to practice anything, so picked a section kind of at random that I vaguely recalled having some good jokes. It went okay. Then Heather and I went home, and she took a nap, and after a few hours I returned to the city by my lonesome to do my little portion of the LitCrawl reading. I was much better then, much more on. I read from "Cup and Table," and the other readers (Marcus Ewert, Austin Grossman, Scott Sigler) were all great, too. I skipped the after-party, because I don't like leaving my pregnant wife all alone for that long.

Also on Saturday, I got my Joshua Norton Award trophy, which I won for Rangergirl last year. The trophy wasn't ready back when I won, and I got a certificate instead, so I was pleased to finally get the real thing. It looks good alongside my Hugo, which came in the mail on Saturday. Whoo, Hugo! Here's a photo of both awards:

Mmm, trophies. With bonus background cat.

Because some work at A Certain Magazine is going to hit late in the week, I had to take Tuesday off instead of Wednesday. Oh, well. Today I picked up copies of Flytrap (it looks great, so go order!), and went grocery shopping, and completed my edits on Dead Reign (which is now officially delivered!), and washed dishes, and wrote pr0n reviews, and etc. Busy day.

Oh, turns out I uncounted my chickens too soon, as the [redacted] deal is back on track, thanks to the fearless efforts of my fine agents. I'll announce it as soon as things are signed and stuff is official and suchlike (though who knows when that'll be).

Now I think I'll go collapse and read some of the new Year's Best Fantasy and Horror.

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