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Zen as Can Be
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Shaun Farrell's interview with me is online for your listening pleasure. It's the interview we recorded down in San Diego, and I'm sure I blather on about all manner of fascinating things. (I haven't heard it, as the sound of my own recorded voice makes me want to stick kabob skewers into my ears, but enjoy.)

The weekend was fairly insanely busy, with tons of house cleaning, car-seat-installation-checking (it's fine), and lots of washing of baby clothes. The baby's due in, like, less than a week, though that doesn't mean much, since birthin' is an imprecise process. It's Very Imminent, though! After a long period of excessive franticness I seem to have hit kind of a Zen state about the whole thing. I'm not stressing anymore. We're as ready as we can be. (Which, I'm sure, isn't really very ready at all, but no use fretting over things we can't control.)

Since it was possibly our last baby-free weekend, Heather and I decided to make time for some unencumbered no-babysitter-necessary couple fun. Saturday we went out for dinner and to see The Darjeeling Limited (which I liked -- not my favorite Wes Anderson movie, but very enjoyable). Sunday morning we got a nice breakfast at the Coffee Mill. Sunday night I did a fun interview with Susan Groppi for the Strange Horizons podcast, and I'll put up a link to that when it goes live, unless I'm too distracted by dirty diapers and such. Otherwise, it was pretty much work work work, sweep sweep sweep, clean clean clean.

As for recent art appreciation... We finished watching Rome. What a great show. Very fine finale, too. So many TV shows sort of limp toward their ill-defined endings, but Rome seemed to know exactly where it was going. I finished Bel Canto, and thought it was a lovely book, with a viciously abrupt ending, but I suppose the vicious abruptness was part of the point. Not so sure about that epilogue, but then, I'm seldom sure about epilogues. I'm currently reading The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror and, as always, enjoying the experience, even if I've read many of the very best stories there previously.

I'll have cool news to announce pretty soon. I got word today that the [redacted] deal is finalized, but I need to wait until papers are signed before I announce it publicly. (Though I'll go ahead and say: I get to buy a big TV! And Heather gets a new laptop!) It's been a very boisterous Monday.

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