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One Week
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I'm typing! With two hands! Such is the power of the baby carrier! River isn't quite sure how he feels about this being-attached-to-my-chest business, but he doesn't seem too pissed off.

I got, like, six hours of sleep last night! I've showered and shaved this morning! I feel totally human! Normally Heather and I switch off baby care every couple of hours so we can each snatch some sleep, but last night he was very chill and happy to rest in the co-sleeper next to the bed, so Heather didn't wake me up when she dove into bed. It's a beautiful thing. (I don't expect it to be replicated, but I'm so refreshed, I don't care.) We're going to the pediatrician today to see if the kid is gaining weight like he oughta be. He certainly seems to be eating enough. He's very vigorous, often quite alert and inquisitive, and pretty much a charmer. (Yes, this is becoming a baby blog. You're surprised?)

A set of pictures of little River are up at Flickr here, with extensive notes by his mommy.

Heather's mom came over yesterday so I could run a couple of errands, including going to the Post Office, where I discovered copies of Chinese magazine Science Fiction World with my story "Impossible Dreams" (it was easy to find my story, because of the English-language film titles scattered through the extensive footnotes). Great illustration, too -- the artist got Allie exactly right! Maybe I'll scan it at some point... in my copious free time.

With baby-on-my-chest I was even able to do my freelance writing, though it took me two days of scattered effort instead of getting it done in a single morning like I used to. Working in small chunks of time seems to be the key to writing in the post-baby world where I find myself.

Back to work tomorrow, for a half day anyway, then for a full day on Monday. I'm gonna miss my kid, and worry about my wife! (Though she'll have people here the whole time I'm gone, at least on Friday.) Then I'll be off the rest of next week, which will be good. Most people say that the hardest part of recovering from a C-section is the first two weeks, and that after that you feel almost back to normal (though you still shouldn't overdo it -- you aren't as well as you feel). I'll feel better about leaving Heather alone all day when she can, say, actually drive herself and walk for reasonable distances and etc.

In fifteen minutes River will be one week old. Best week of my life, hands down.

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