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I dunno if this will keep up, but I think I've actually been more productive since the kid was born. I'm never sure when I'll have time to write, so I'm just working whenever I get a free (or reasonably free; a kid sleeping on my chest counts as "free") moment. I'm actually nearly a week ahead on my freelance work right now. I still need to read page proofs for Poison Sleep, but I have a week and a half before they're due, and I'm about a sixth of the way done, so it's cool. (Speaking of Poison Sleep, the cover art is online at!)

My story "Grander than the Sea" got a nice review on this blog. It's in The Solaris Book of New Fantasy. I'm really glad the reviewer liked it, despite having no familiarity with the characters beforehand -- that reassures me that it works well as a story on its own merits.

Tomorrow, I go back to work for a whole day. (Woe.) We're trying to finish up the December issue of A Certain Magazine. But I'll be home the rest of the week, and able to help Heather out, which is good. I’d worry about leaving her alone so much when she can't drive and is intermittently taking strong painkillers...

Heather and I are watching Weeds (in those rare moments when we're both awake and the baby is eating or sleeping), and we like it a lot. Heather says it reminds her that tiny babies actually grow up to be kids, which is a useful thing to be reminded of!

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