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Unexpected Advantages of New Fatherhood
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I can send business e-mails to England at 3 in the morning Pacific time, when British people are awake and at work, and get prompt responses!

The joy of making custom onesies via Café Press.

Eating pretty much whatever I want, because the greater challenge is remembering to eat at all, and once I've accomplished that, I feel I deserve a reward anyway.

All our friends want to come over a lot, and most of them come bearing gifts.

People bring us food constantly. (I gather this will stop, possibly before River is ready for elementary school. Drat. It's behavior I'd like to encourage.)

A sense of accomplishment just for, say, changing a diaper and getting the kid dressed.

I'm sleep-deprived enough to be pleasantly loopy and to find my own jokes hilarious, but not so sleep-deprived that I'm in danger of a psychotic break.

Being able to yell "Family outing!" every time we all have to go somewhere.

I have the ultimate excuse for being late, missing deadlines, or anything, really: "Sorry, I have a [x]-day old son, so things have been really busy." (Just because it's a true excuse doesn't make it any less good.)

My wife shows off her hot boobs all the time, sometimes even in public!

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