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Drunk Dial the Babysitter
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(Last night we decided the title of this entry would be a good name for a band.)

Our dear friend Dawson is in town for a whirlwind visit to meet the baby and celebrate Heather's birthday, and it's been great. He got into town on Friday evening, and we hung out and did some catching up as the rain pounded down outside. Yesterday he chilled with us and played with the kid all day. Our other friends Scott and Lynne came up from Santa Cruz, and Susan G. joined all of us for dinner at César, the tapas place on Piedmont Ave. (Where we got to do something I've always wanted to do: We pointed at the menu and said "Bring us one of everything!" And then we ordered seconds of some things.) We drank and laughed and caroused and had a merry time. It was the first real night out Heather and I have had together since the baby was born (and thanks to Jed and Mary Anne for gifting us with hours of free babysitting from the wonderful Mya, which made the crazy fun possible!)

It was probably the best group dinner I've ever had. Tremendous fun, and six people was the perfect size -- small enough so everyone could talk to everyone else, big enough that there was always someone with something to say! Plus, yummy cocktails and awesome food. Especially dessert. The cesar sundae is basically a dish of cinnamon chocolate ice cream with a churro sticking out of it. Bliss.

We returned home after about four hours, and River was totally crashed out and unconscious. He slept through, pretty much, apart from a few minutes at midnight when he got squawky and wanted his diaper changed, but he fell asleep soon after, and didn't even want to eat. He woke at 6:30 this morning, and I -- who only had a couple of drinks last night, so Heather could have many drinks -- was well-rested and feeling good when I got up with him. Life is good!

(Also, yesterday our shower drain was unclogged. So life is really good.)

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