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Let's see. Some unrelated or loosely related things:

"Artifice and Intelligence" is online at Escape Pod -- go give it a listen! I glanced at the comments, and it looks like some people found the ending abrupt. Ah, well. I thought it was one of the two best endings I've ever written (the other being in "Cup and Table"), but who knows.

River was up and down last night, waking at 1:30 in the morning and again at 4:30. Heather suffered the brunt of it, but if he's similarly unsleeping tonight, I'll take the hit. Poor kid must be having a growth spurt or something -- he was ravenous.

Dawson brought me Ocean by Warren Ellis (and the last season of Angel!) as belated Xmas gifts. Ocean was good! I really liked the protagonist, a weapons inspector who has a... complex relationship... with guns.

We gave Dawson this for Xmas: a drawing of Dawson, the Kung-Fu Alien. Nice, eh?

I decided I can't quit playing Black and White 2. I like it too much. My new plan was to beat the game! Then I'd be done with it! Good plan, huh? Except then I discovered there's an expansion. Sigh.

I owe my editor an outline for the novel that's no longer called Grift Sense. Due Friday. I need to write it, because upon turning it in I get some money, but man. Outlines. I'd rather write ad copy, and that's saying something.

Tonight we'll all hang out, drink wine, eat some good food, talk, and have a merry time. Dawson leaves tomorrow morning. I'll miss him. It's been a great visit, but way too short!

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