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In Which Things Are Great
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Let's see. Eric Marin is reprinting my story "The Frozen One" in his print anthology, The Lone Star Stories Reader, so that's cool.

There's a great review of Poison Sleep up at The Green Man Review.

Uh... I'm sure there other internettish things I was going to mention, but they've flown from my mind. Ah well.

River's appointment/probable surgery has been postponed, so no doctor visit tomorrow. He had a cold last week, and they like to wait three weeks after a cough before they're willing to put a baby under anesthesia (can't intubate a coughing baby). This isn't as urgent an appointment as the others have been -- we were told it needed to be "a month or two" after his last surgery -- so we're trying to reschedule and not stressing about it too much.

I've done a few phone and e-mail interviews lately, which will be popping up in Blog-o-pod-o-land at some point. One for Media Blvd. magazine a week or two ago, one for Mur Lafferty's I Should Be Writing podcast a couple nights ago, one with Jeff VanderMeer that will be appearing on his blog at some point. And I'm scheduled to chat this weekend with Jon Armstrong (author of stylishly weird SF novel Grey) for his podcast If You're Just Joining Us. I'll let you guys know when all that stuff appears online -- in the meantime, if you're looking for good stuff to read/listen to, you could do worse than to follow those links. I sure do talk about myself a lot lately. The phone interviews are fun. I sit on the balcony and look at the lake and blather. Not a bad life.

I read Karen Joy Fowler's Wit's End, which was very cool. A Santa Cruz book! Makes me want to get back down there for a visit (even more so than usual).

Wow. I'm in an awesome mood today. Don't even know why. Just good brain chemistry. Plus sunshine and the company of a happy baby.

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