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Jeff VanderMeer interviewed me for's Omnivoracious blog: "T.A. Pratt's Poison Sleep Might Just Infiltrate Your Dreams". Jeff asks good questions!

Also got a good review from Romantic Times. I'm glad she mentioned Marla's sensible monster-fighting attire!

Still working on my YA proposal, following some good feedback from my agent. It's gonna be cool. I'm very excited about it. Though this weekend the focus is revising Grift Sense (we're trying to figure out a new title for it -- it's narrowed down to a few good options!). The book is due May 1, but I'll try to turn it in on Monday. We shall see.

Found out today that somebody has been passing fraudulent checks on my bank account. Sigh. Because of the Wonders of Technology I can even see images of the checks online -- which bear somebody else's name, address, and a stupid motorcycle background image, but have my account number. So now the account has been frozen, I'm getting new checks in 7-10 business days, yadda yadda yadda. Very frustrating, especially since I have to change all my online bill pay thingies, figure out a way to pay rent with no checks, etc. Fortunately, my checks to the IRS for taxes already cleared. Still, a pain in the ass.

What's weird? Two bad checks were passed, both for under a hundred bucks, both used at grocery stores. Somebody made fake checks to buy groceries? I can't decide if that's sad, pathetic, or merely unambitious... I'm also resisting the urge to call up the phone number on the checks. The name and address and such are probably fake -- and if they're not, he's getting a visit from the cops soon anyway.

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