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In the Grass
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Mother's Day Weekend was pretty fantastic!

Saturday morning we rose and got brunch at the Blackberry Bistro. (A Mother's Day brunch for Heather... but a day early so we'd actually, you know, get seated in less than an hour.) We sat outside, sipped blackberry bellinis, ate good food (I had challah french toast with carmelized bananas...), and enjoyed the lovely weather. The Bistro is still pretty good, though it's gone downhill in the last few years -- I think there was a change in management or something. The food used to be perfect, and now there's always something wrong (I had a pretty severely underdone piece of bacon, this time, but it's always something), and there's a vague air of sloppiness that used to be absent -- dirty silverware, disorganized waitstaff, etc. Ah, well. Still yummy.

After that we took River for his next swimming lesson, and I got in the pool with him and Heather this time. He seemed to enjoy it a lot, though he got a little grumpy at the end (he was hungry). He likes making bubbles by blowing in the water. It's so cute!

Otherwise Saturday was pretty mellow. I did some grocery shopping and wrote an article for the Spectra Pulse magazine called "Heroines I Have Known" about inspirations for strong female characters. Otherwise it was just playing-with-baby, watching-TV, cooking-dinner type stuff.

Sunday (after I wrote a couple-thousand-word short story called "On a Blade of Grass" about parasites and slow interstellar warfare -- my first story written this year) we had a Mother's Day picnic! Loaded up our basket with sandwiches and potato salad and macaroni salad and juice and potato chips and went to the little park across the street. We spread our blanket under a tree and had a nice lazy afternoon of eating and playing with the baby and watching boats on the lake. River tasted avocado for the first time, and sat on a tree branch (with support, of course), and rolled around. We got some awesome photos we'll post later this week. Eventually River fell asleep and Heather and I lounged about reading. A very sweet life.

We're still working on Flytrap #9 layout -- Heather posted the table of contents, and it's an awesome issue. Just got the last piece of non-fiction I was waiting on, so it should be off to the printer in a couple days, and in our hands in time for Wiscon. Whee!

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