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Grass Fire
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There was a fire in the apartment house across the street from us, night before last. The considerable commotion woke Heather up, and an hour later it woke me up (so we both attempted to tell the other about the fire in the morning, which was funny). It was in the building right across the street -- I could throw a tennis ball onto their fire escape from our balcony, and I could have jumped down onto the roof of the fire engine (though I would've probably broken a leg in the process, as it's four floors down. So I guess it's good I didn't.). It didn't look like a bad fire, and I couldn't figure out why hordes and hordes of cops hung out for like six hours after it was put out... but it turns out there were two pot farms in the building, on the sixth and seventh floors. Illegal wiring for the grow lights probably caused the fire. The growers, naturally, fled when they couldn't put the fire out themselves. Crazy shit, yo. I especially love how contemptuous the cops are of the pot-growing operations in the article I linked -- basically they say, "Eh, we've seen better."

Life in the big city!


It's my day off from A Certain Magazine (whee) and it's a fairly light work day... I have to take Flytrap 9 to be printed, and write some porn reviews, but that's it. I'll post a cover image and an order page for Flytrap sometime in the next couple of weeks. It's a pretty awesome issue.

My agent likes my revised YA chapters, so the book is being sent off into the world to seek its fortune. Be good, little book! Call when you get work!

I participated in the latest SF Mind Meld, about YA Books That Adults Will Like, Too. Check it out -- there are a lot of people who are way more knowledgeable than me answering the question, too.

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