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Pretty good weekend. We hit the farmer's market on Saturday morning, where we bought lamb sausage and buffalo steaks, both of which are still to be eaten in my future, YUM. And we splurged on some good Kona coffee. (We also bought fruits and veggies and such of course, but coffee and meat are my department.) Then we did River's last swim lesson (for this series of lessons, anyway -- when he's a bit older we'll enroll him in the next course). He had a fantastic time. Saturday night dear Amelia came over and babysat for us, so Heather and I could stroll to the Parkway and see Iron Man, which I quite enjoyed. (I also enjoyed the pizza and three pints of beer! We drank a pitcher and then went back for more!) After we got home and bid Amelia farewell we watched the new Futurama movie, The Beast with a Billion Backs, which I liked, though not as much as Bender's Big Score. It was movielicious!

Sunday we worked on stuff around the house a bit, and in the afternoon went to my boss's house for his birthday party. Barbecued meat and good company and champagne and etc. -- all very nice, though we couldn't stay too long, since the baby's bedtime is seven. We took him home, put him to bed, and watched some episodes of Doctor Who. Thank goodness Stephen Moffatt episodes appeared on the Tivo. That Agatha Christie episode was dire. You'd think an episode dedicated to an author known for her tight plots would have featured a plot that, oh, made a single shred of sense. Ah well. The library two-parter was much better.

It was back to the A Certain Magazine mines today, where I wrestled with configuring a wireless router and did some layout and researched dead people and so on. The usual. Nice weather out on the deck for my break, at least. And a long weekend to look forward to! Wonder if we'll be able to see fireworks from the balcony on Friday night... hmm...

Later: I made pan-seared buffalo steak with a red wine sauce. Holy crap that was good. I'm going to do it again only next time with more buffalo. Heather loved it too, really loved it, and she's not usually down with the bison.

Dinner's over. Sadness! After weeks of relaxing (read: slacking off), I'm going to start writing fiction again... now.

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