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Happy July! Submit stories to Flytrap! (I've gotten some, rejected some, put some others aside to think on, let some sit unread in the inbox, for now. I need more!)

I took part in a roundtable discussion with fellow urban fantasy authors Kelley Armstrong, Keri Arthur, and Jenna Black. It appeared in the first issue of Spectra Pulse and now it's online. Go read! (I'd really like to write a Marla Mason prequel novella, about her rise to power, if I can find someone to publish it. Always tricky with novellas. I have some cool ideas about it though.)

We went to Whole Paycheck last night. Nice store, hadn't been to that particular branch before, very shiny. Got dinner there -- a wonderful sweet smoky pulled pork sandwich for me, crab cake sandwich for Heather. We also bought random stuff like truffle oil and odd cheeses and other stuff. Not a place I'd go for regular shopping -- we spent over a hundred bucks and walked out with only two sacks of groceries -- but it's fun for splurgy or oddball things. We've been eating well lately. Our tentative plan is to buy more buffalo steak this weekend and cook 'em up at Holly's at some point over the holiday weekend. My pan-seared-with-wine-sauce preparation worked out so well I'm willing to cook it for people who aren't married to me... And at some point in our near future I will make truffle macaroni and cheese. Mmm. I can taste the decadence. If that level of pleasure is indicative of civilization in decline, sign me up.

Have a good weekend, all, especially my fellow Americans for whom it's a long weekend. (Which excludes the ones working retail and food service and other such jobs, I know -- I worked my share of holiday weekends, and hated them all. At least things will explode in the sky for your amusement!)

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