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Aloha 'Oe
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New review of Blood Engines over at SF Site. Nice to see the book still getting attention, what, 11 months after it was published?

In a mere dozen days we'll be on a plane to Hawaii. I've been humming "Aloha 'Oe" for the past month. Snorkeling, eating kalua pig, many drinks with rum and fruit in them, reading books, playing in the pool with the baby (the hotel has an amazing toddler pool -- with a sand-covered island in the middle of the water!), and generally not thinking about anything pertaining to real life... it'll be heavenly.

Not that real life is so bad. In fact, my real life is mostly quite nice. But it's good, every once in a while, to get away, have a week with no responsibilities, and generally let all the stress drain away into the sea...

The weekend was pleasant. Worked on edits for my next novel, punctuated by such excitement as grocery shopping and drinking coffee on the balcony and, late Sunday afternoon, a trip to the rose garden with wife and baby. River finally had a chance to climb stairs! He's not so good at descending, but he'll figure it out. He's pretty cute in his big round glasses, too.

And now... another week, complete with day job, though there are things to look forward to. We're seeing my friend Anne for dinner on Thursday night. Maybe bopping down to Santa Cruz for the weekend to see some other friends. And, of course, every day is a day closer to Hawaii. Aloha 'Oe, Aloha 'Oe....

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