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Bloody Good News
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This made me very very happy: Fan art for Poison Sleep. It's a cute comic, and that's a great likeness of my chaos magician Nicolette. Having fan art made from my work is a longstanding dream, now realized!

(I also saw the cover for Spell Games, and it's awesome, but it's not quite final final, so I'll wait to post it.)

Also making me happy: Blood Engines just went back to press, for the second time. Third printing hurray!

And happiness for others: Steph Burgis sold her trilogy to Hyperion! Steph is awesome, and a great writer (we've published her a couple of times in Flytrap), and I can't wait to read the books.

While my lovely wife Heather sold a great story, "Little M@tch Girl", to the same as-yet-secret project where I sold "A Steadfast Tin Soldier". (And, no, it's not actually a Hans Christian Andersen themed anthology; it's truly just a weird coincidence that both our stories are partly inspired by Andersen's depressing-ass tales.)

Now for sadness: the Journal of the Mythic Arts has posted its farewell issue, alas -- it will be much missed. Though note, the Endicott Studio does live on, just not the JMA.

Yesterday we finished up the September issue of A Certain Magazine, everyone working late to do so. This one was tough -- with almost the entire office gone at Worldcon for a week, we had to really push to meet our deadline. But, hey, it's off to the printer this morning, and I can take my day off, only a couple of days late. River and I will hit the park, maybe get lunch out somewhere, and I'll do my freelancing and work on novel edits. Should be pleasant.

And tonight, we have a babysitter lined up, and Heather and I will actually go out with our friend Anne and have a nice dinner in the city. Then this weekend we'll bop down to Santa Cruz... lots of excitement ahead. (And it helps that some money I was waiting for came through, so I no longer have a double-digit bank balance. It's amazing how much the ability to put gas in your car and buy the occasional chocolate chip cookie can improve one's mood...)

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