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Marla Things
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Marla Mason is twittering. Transmitting her tweets techno-telepathically, since she can't be bothered to use computers or her cell phone...

Dead Reign (which comes out in less than a month!) got a good review in SF Revu. Death is coming to get you!

Just heard from the woman doing the narration for the Blood Engines audiobook. She's calling tonight so we can talk about pronunciations. When I filled a book with words like Tlaltecuhtli and the names of other Aztec deities, I never considered the fact that I'd someday be called upon to pronounce them properly. (I do know how to pronounce them, it just requires some mental effort to say them right -- they don't really roll off my tongue.)

Here's another review of Poison Sleep at SF Site. It's mostly positive, though the suggestion that Marla's character was "a calculated cross pollination between three or four of the successful female leads in the genre" is laughably off the mark; I began writing about her more than ten years ago, and hadn't read a single book in the UF boom when I sold Blood Engines; it was only when I was told I'd written an urban fantasy novel that I began to read other things in that subgenre. (And, in truth, I haven't read that widely, precisely because I don't want to pick up anyone else's flavor subconsciously.) Marla's abrasive personality and lack of empathy tends to piss off many fans of the subgenre, actually (though others say they find it a refreshing change from the usual.) I wish I was calculating; my books would probably be more commercial. But, alas, I write whatever weird stuff occurs to me and just hope for the best...

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