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Unsleepingly Yours
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So tired. Brain melting. River woke up at 3:30 a.m. last night -- practicing his new high-pitched scream, too -- and didn't go back to sleep until 5 a.m. (We had a couple of false alarms where it looked like he might sleep, but they only lasted ten minutes or so apiece.) After rocking, giving him Tylenol (he's teething), giving him his bottle, begging him to go to sleep, pleading piteously, and rubbing his back, he finally went back down. I managed to grab a couple of hours before he popped up perky and joyful at 7 a.m. He's a sweet kid, but that was rough. I'm seeing the world through a mental dirty pane of glass.

John Joseph Adams interviewed me for Sci Fi Wire about Dead Reign. (I got my first author copies of the book yesterday, so it'll be filtering into bookstores in the next few weeks -- release date is October 28, I think?)

Yesterday, my day off, was pretty great. I managed to get all my freelance work done late the night before, so I had yesterday free for noveling. This was a good plan. I hung out with River and played all morning, with a break to prepare gumbo to cook in the crock pot all day. River went down for a nap around noon, and slept for three solid hours. I worked the whole time, apart from a break for a shower (which is where I do my best plotting anyway!), and wrote just over 5,000 words. Got to write some of the scenes I've been looking forward to for weeks. Another 15,000 or so and the book should be done!

Last night was tasty slow-cooked gumbo, cornbread with whole kernels of corn, and a couple of hours of World of Warcraft. (Which I haven't touched in weeks, but I was virtuous, so allowed myself the indulgence.)

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