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We've fallen back! It's all rain rain rain and brr brr brr and hot cider and red wine and lots of soup! Autumn!

Congratulations to Theodora Goss for winning a World Fantasy Award for her great story "Singing of Mount Abora." (Winners are here.) I did not, alas, win for Best Collection. But the nice thing about the World Fantasy Awards happening three days before the election is that I have much more significant contests to obsess over, so I didn't stress about the WFA; in fact, I only remembered to get online and check the results right before bed last night. Congrats to all winners! Maybe I'll get another chance at the head of H.P. Lovecraft someday.

Last Friday I finished the first draft of my novel The Stolen State. 57,000 words. I need to do some revisions (the opening especially needs work/additions), but I expect to send it to first readers in a few days Still: it's a book! And I made my arbitrary self-imposed by-the-end-of-October deadline.

I took the weekend off in celebration. We played with the baby, visiting a cool new park on Sunday in one of the lulls between rainfall, and going to Hallowe'en festivities at Tumble and Tea on Friday night. (Did I mention what we did last weekend? We went to Children's Fairyland for their Jack O'Lantern Days celebration. Heather went as Alice in Wonderland, I was the Mad Hatter, and River was the Caterpillar. We got tons of attention, people wanted to take our picture, etc. Though apparently the Caterpillar is a forgotten part of Alice in Wonderland, because lots of parents pointed us out to their kids and said "Look! It's Alice in Wonderland, and the Mad Hatter, and some kind of bug!" Pictures will appear in the near future.)

Other weekend fun: We babyproofed the office so the kid can have more room to roam. We played lots of World of Warcraft. (Something that will only continue when the expansion comes out in a couple of weeks.) We watched some TV. We ate some good hot meals (turkey bean soup one night, fajitas the next). In all, very pleasant, if, as always, too short. And it's autumn! Yay!

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