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Cookies and Champagne
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Well, that was a good night.

Tuesday was my day off, and I didn't need to vote, since Heather and I vote by mail. I did my morning freelancing, sent off my YA to some first readers, and played chase with the baby for a while. In the afternoon we went to the Merritt Bakery and picked up a dozen cookies, intending to give them to any No on 8 protesters I encountered, or to people waiting in line to vote (the local polling place is right next to one of River's regular parks). But there was no line! It was too efficient! So I gave the cookies to the poll workers, who thanked me profusely. As well they should. Those are damn good cookies.

River was wearing his Barack Obama onesie, and I zipped up his coat when we were in the polling place, lest it appear we were electioneering!

Afterward River played and played and played and played and played his little heart out on the playground, all zipped up in his dalmatian coat (note: no dalmatians were harmed in the making of said coat, which even has puppy ears on the hood). While on the playground, I heard a guy on a cellphone ask his girlfriend's father for permission to marry her. He assured the father that, as professional skateboarder, he would be a good provider. Then he walked off with his friend, leaving his skateboard leaning against a bench. (I called out to him, but was ignored. Ah well.)

I pushed River to the grocery store to pick up champagne (I figured for celebrating or sorrow-drowning, it was good either way) and some fixins to make Presidential Pizza (with two kinds of pork and red sauce, just for McCain!). Came home, played more with baby, tried not to obsessively check the internet, eventually went to pick up Heather. Holly came over to join us for dinner, wine, and election watching...

And, damn, that was over quick. By 8 p.m. Pacific, the election had been called for Obama. We had the whole night ahead of us! Whether you support Obama or not (I have reservations about him myself, though he was clearly the better choice here), it's impressive to see this kind of attention and turnout and involvement in America.

Of course, the apparent victory of Prop 8 (barring a major last-minute shift) is dreadful. I've never been so simultaneously proud and bitterly disappointed.

In other news, a review of Blood Engines and a review of Poison Sleep.

I'm taking a little time off from writing fiction, I think. This week, I may attempt to write some poems. I'm feeling poetic.

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