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Magic Time
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I've joined a group blog for a few fantasy novelists called The Magic District, launching on Friday the 13th. Co-conspirators are Rachel Aaron, N.K. Jemisin, Greg van Eekhout, Margaret Ronald, and fearless founder Diana Rowland. Check it out. Should be an interesting bunch.

Good news: my gangstalking love-story omnicompetent-woman interior-decorating time-travel novelette "Troublesolving" sold to Subterranean magazine! Which pays a dime a word. Which means my rent is now paid for next month. (I got the money a day after I got my acceptance, too, because editor Bill Schafer is awesome.)

Things have been tight financially since I didn't sell any novels last year, and in January I conceived of a Clever Plan to write short stories again and sell those to make up some of the shortfall; so far, it's working, as I've sold three stories in the past few weeks, and suddenly have a savings account again. I only have two stories in circulation now, both under consideration at cool magazines -- so it's time to write more stories! It helps that, after focusing on novels for a couple of years, I have lots of story ideas built up, and I think I'm doing some of my best short work lately. This Walrus and Carpenter story is kicking my ass, though, so I may need to put it aside and do something else. Maybe a Marla Mason story, as I miss Marla.

Speaking of Marla, I got my first author copies of Spell Games yesterday. Now I have all four books lined up on a shelf, and man, they look good together. Hope I get to write some more of them, but I'm proud of the series as it stands.

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