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A scribbly day. Something finally clicked when I began hurling myself against revising The Nex this morning, and I suddenly understood how to fix some of the problems with voice, motivation, etc. Everything just fell together beautifully. Letting it sit and simmer for a few weeks was the trick, apparently. Another pass for line edits and it'll be ready to go to my agent.

My day off was today, on Thursday instead of Tuesday, for boring day job deadline-related reasons. Got some work done on the novel, did my freelancing, took the baby to the park, did some shopping, enjoyed the crazy nice weather, generally had a great time. Only one bad patch: I had to deal with some evil credit card company bullcrap, but some judicious balance transferring saved the day. I will punish them for their evil by dedicating my life to paying off the remainder of that card completely, leaving the line of credit open to keep my credit rating cheerful, and never letting them make another penny of interest off me again. This I swear.

This review made me laugh: "This ritual raid hilarity is what you might get if you cross Tim Pratt with Chris Roberson, or at least the literary output of such. Brain transplants, chimpanzees, Ancient Apothecaries, evil henchmen, beings to summon, etc." (The Laird Barron story the reviewer refers to is good, too: "Hour of the Cyclops". I like Laird Barron's work a lot; this one is rather more lighthearted than his usual fare.)

Here are a few reviews, of Blood Engines, Poison Sleep and Dead Reign. (I mostly link to these things for my own reference; I don't actually expect you to go read them.)

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