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Holy Crap
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Apparently it was ten years ago today that I wrote my very first blog entry*. Now, granted, this has not exactly been ten years of continuous blogging, but still -- one third of my life I have been blathering away on the Internet.

Unlike my other electronic media efforts, which I sort of stumbled into on my own, it was the professor of my Creative Non-Fiction class at OU who first presented this mysterious thing called "web logs" to me (and my classmates). Our class was in one of the few computer classrooms on campus and a good part of the semester was spent looking at various "new media" forms of non-fiction. I wasn't really an early adopter, but I was enough ahead of the curve that most of the people I tried to explain it to didn't quite understand. ("Wait, so you're like, putting your journal on the Internet for anyone to read? Why?")

I've obviously moved on to more structured and more specialized efforts in blogging, and I've certainly had less time for this site in the last several months, but I kind of like keeping it around. I'm too verbose (and too infrequently inspired) to make a go of Twitter, but it's nice to have a place to shake the crumbs out of my brain every so often.

If you happen to be out there, Dr. Gudis, this is all your fault. Thank you.

*-If you happen to go back and peek at those early entries, keep in mind that I was barely 20, about to graduate college, and of course knew everything there was to know about how the world worked. I do not miss those days.

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