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Everything I Did During Saturday's Cardinal Game
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(That's this game, for those of you with better things to do than spend 7 hours watching baseball.)

*Ordered Chinese food for a late lunch.
*Started a tally of how many times Tim McCarver worked the Yankees into the conversation and then gave up after he hit the Torre/Jeter/ARod trifecta before the end of the first inning.
*Ate said Chinese food.
*Knitted part of a sweater.
*Browsed the $5 MP3 albums on Amazon, downloading two (Iron and Wine and Roy Orbison). Decided against purchasing The Bird and the Bee's album of Hall and Oates covers, fearing the novelty would wear off too fast.
*Made and uploaded some new playlists for the iNot2.0.
*Did three loads of laundry. (Between the 9th and 15th innings.)
*Talked to the Boyfriend on the phone.
*Started boiling a pot of water for pasta, got distracted, and remembered it only minutes before it boiled dry.
*Boiled another pot of water for pasta, successfully getting the pasta into the pot.
*Ate dinner.
*Had a few simultaneous conversations about the game on GTalk, while following a couple of game-related Facebook threads, and texting Chuckles. Actually typed the sentence "I think we should have let Felipe Lopez pitch another inning" and meant it.

So that's 20 innings, 6 hours and 53 minutes official game time, 2 meals, 3 loads of laundry, and 0% of the closet sorting project I was going to do after the game. At least it was kind of gloomy, damp, chilly day so I didn't have to feel like I should have been outdoors.

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