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I was supposed to get a big chunk of text to proofread at 9:00 a.m. this morning - a last polish on one of the freelance projects I've been doing. It's now after 10:00 a.m. Have I received the file? No, I have not.

I try not to get peeved when these things happen. They happen. Still, I'm eager to finish off this particular project. The bulk of my work on it was done weeks ago. The interesting part of my work on it was done weeks ago. It's just been fiddly stuff since then.

Ah, well. I haven't been working too hard this weekend. Did a bunch of work on this freelance project on Friday. Yesterday, I did some fiction writing, and a lot of scribbling in my paper journal. Today will be more fiction writing, and a proofread on this freelance thing, assuming I ever get the file.

But right now, my brain feels like it can't get out of second gear, so I think I'm going to go play with the PlayStation for a bit.

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