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'Tis the season...for ants
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Jed has ants in the bathtub. Daniel called me at work to tell me that we have ants in our kitchen. Specifically, they seem to be coming up out of the kitchen sink.


A coworker suggested flushing with hot water, followed up by pouring boiling water down the sink. I relayed this suggestion to Daniel, and we both decided that it sounded suitably medieval and he'd try it.

Good day so far at work. I have gotten ahold of a couple of people that I needed to get some info from before everyone disappears for the holidays. (I'm taking a rather short vacation this December, and I'm probably going to be just about the only person here for the better part of a week. I'm looking forward to seriously sinking my teeth into a rewrite of a manual in peace and quiet, but since I'm probably not going to be able to get in touch with anyone during that time, I need to make sure that I get most of the info I need in advance.)

I also fixed a rather bizarre little PDF-printing problem, and learned some interesting things about font embedding in the process.

Now I just hope the ants in the kitchen go away...

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