Blah-g #211 Starting to Feel Better

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Well I'm finally starting to feel way better. My throat still is a bit tender and slightly swollen. It kinda feels like I have a cotton ball stuck in my throat but its ok, I got my meds which are working wonders for me. And as long as I take my meds I should be good and not really worry about it.

And then I started my period, oh god this has been one of my most painful cycles too. Which suck complete ass! And particularly heavy flow no less. Oh well. Its being part of a woman.

So yeah I lost about six pounds in my self quarantine from not eating. On Friday I went to a free clinic and I saw my weight was 246. Today before I took my shower I got on my scale I have in my room and Im right between 240-239 on the scale. So I'm kinda happy I lost weight but not like that. So I told Master and he was surprise but he said if I want to lost more I need to start exersicing again after I'm completely better. So I told my mom too and she said tomorrow that we'll go sell the cans and we'll go to the second hand store and get me walking shoes.

So prolly after my morning class on MW I'll be walking and then before noon time on TTH so yeah.

Because I remember before my youngest brother's were born I weighed roughly around 160 at my most, and my goal now is to be 130.

I know I'm weird obsessing over my weight the way I do.

Honestly though. It's gotten so bad that I want to start purging myself though Master wont allow it, and with our bond he'll know. I mean I just want to get a knife and slice my stomach and thighs open enough to rip out the fatty bits and sew myself back up. Morbid and not very sanitary but yeh thats how I feel.

So eating less but still satisfying myself and walking more should help me out I guess.

And I'm so happy for mah sister Sam (not blood related) she got a job as an in training tattoo artist and piercer. So she said she might be able to hook me up with ink and metal and Im her canvas to work on. So I'm thinking of getting a pentagram behind my ear on the side of my neck so I can use my hair to cover it when I'm home and show it off when I'm not. :D OMFS I WANT MORE PIERCINGS AND I WANT TATTOOS! Though Master wants to get his piercing license so he can pierce me himself. But omfs I want them now! I'm sure for those of you who've gotten more than 4 or so piercings and a few tats you know the feeling I'm talking about wanting more.

HOLY FUCK I NEED TOO COME UP WITH A PENTAGRAM DESIGN OMFS! Hopefully it'll be easier than coming up with my wings. I'm having trouble with those. I want them to start somewhere in my shoulder blades and it starts with them ripping the skin as they come out and extend to my shoulders. And I still got more designing and planning for my other tattoos.

As far as my metal I want a shit ton lol. I already know all the piercings I want. It's just a matter of finding time and money for them. Though with Sam working at a tattoo shop and piercing parlor its more just finding time to go. And if she can do it.

So yeh. I went completely off on a tangent there, anyways I'm gonna try and find a scanner but in the mean time don't plan on seeing any new drawrings or anything. Though I might start writing again. Yeh I know I said that a while ago (for you fuck cunts who do read my blah-g's) but yeh. I dunno I've been possesed to write but everytime I do I get so into it that I take a break or stop for a bit and completely forget or just dont have the energy to do finish it.

I dunno. I'm weird like that. Maybe I should carry my net book more often. Though looks like I'll have to hid it from my brother. Which shouldn't be too hard.

Well I guess thats it for now.

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