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Over Forty And Loving It


Moving Right Along

Yeesh. What a couple of months. Of course, August is not my most favorite month of the year for many reasons, which I decline to elaborate at this time. Let's just say it was no easier this year than it was last year and leave it at that, shall we? I have learned my lesson about blatting about certain parts of my life, so I have. And that's progress :)


On top of that, I moved. Again. Hopefully for the last time for a long, long time. I love, love, love my new little house and have finally started to settle in a bit. I had to wait for internet hookup, but I was lucky in that there's a Border's with free wi-fi not two minutes down the road yonder. I spent many a day there pounding out articles, editing titles, and had a lot of fun observing other people who came and went. That's the beauty of my job -- have laptop, will travel. I even managed to finish Chapter 22 -- YAY! (I have yet to update the counter, but I'll get to it.) That was a huge block for me, for some reason, but I finally got through it.

While working at Border's, there were a few very interesting people who were also regulars. One group was a bunch of brothas that met every day to discuss the philosophical differences between the movie and comic book depiction of Batman. I kid you not. Adult men. Every day. It was fascinating, funny, and annoying by turns. They were quite passionate about it, and it distracted me a number of times because I wanted to jump in the middle of it. Heh. However, I'm the wrong gender to have a valid opinion of Batman, according to one conversation I overheard. Cracked me up.


I inherited a smart phone, by virtue of a good friend, and this phone, lemme tell you, is WAY smarter than I am. However, it was possible to use it as a modem and tie into the 'net from home, so I've only been back to Borders once since. Technology is actually a wonderful thing. The connection was really slow, almost like dial-up (oh! the horror!) but it was enough for me to get my work done. Now, I'm set (good things come to those who wait) and the work is going much faster, much to my relief.

I've got some steady clients who seem to be very pleased with my work, and that's a Good Thing. I finished editing three craft books and compiling an index for one of them, which was quite an experience. I had no idea how much was involved, but I researched and learned a lot. These three books are now out on the shelf. The client says they have a line-up of craft books for 2011 and they indicated I would be on tap for the editing of those. Muy bueno.

The Big Project was completed, and the book is now on sale as an e-book with the hard copy coming out in October. This one I'm REALLY excited about. My client was a dream to work with, and she did an outstanding job. I'm very proud of her.

I was also offered a job as a Project Manager/Editor for a new company in the UK. This may take a few months to work out, and I'm keeping my options open.

So, I actually have a writing career of sorts, and although it might not be the one I envisioned for myself when I first started out, I'm happy. I absolutely adore what I do, have learned to take the ups and the downs, the good with the bad, and now I just have to work on getting more organized to get more work. And to fit in the fiction writing, which I miss dreadfully. First priority will be finishing Pallas...because she really is a blast to write, and even if it never goes anywhere, she and I have a special bond.

Patience. It's a virtue, for sure.

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