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i feel like i'm in a foreign country

kind of funny, it's only really less than two and a half states away, but it seems like continents.

i go to get z and i dinner at the local subway across the street. i ask for pepper-jack cheese. they don't have it. i say, "didn't you guys have the baja chicken or steak sandwich?"

"no, we never had that."

wow! really? they advertised the hell out of it in charlotte. and believe me, there are twice as many hispanics here than there(and they all know each other, criss crossing the neighborhood to visit each other)

in charlotte the subway deal is two subs under $10. here its buy two subs get a third one FREE. OMG


i want Monsters for z and i. at first i figure the liquor store across the street that sells them will be closed. but as i'm leaving the parking lot i see they're open. so i go inside for monsters and ask "you sell liquor on sunday here?"

"yes, ma'am, we do"

what fucking country am i living in? really? in the south, liquor is NEVER sold on sunday. just another confirmation that i am indeed living in a foreign country and that florida really can't be considered "the south".

yesterday, i traveled the 19 miles to st. augustine, to the hobby lobby. omg, i told the clerk, i lucked out, i didn't know they were having a sale. he says every day we have a sale. i have never seen that many people in hobby lobby before in my life. either in ft. smith or charlotte. it was packed i loaded up on art supplies like never before. hobby lobby is a terrible habit to break.

so i bought one of those photo/fabric boards. i had pulled out a ton of photos when we got here that i thought i would just tack up on my wall. but when i saw the photo boards were fifty percent off, i bought one. last night, i loaded it up with my favorite photos (including the 1989 version of me and beth looking like lesbian

i so enjoyed the ride. it's a back highway all the way between the two towns. the speed limit is 60 or 55 depending on what stretch you're on. but as i said, people have no problem going twenty miles under the speed limit. such was my luck yesterday. i was trying to hit the sunset over the st. john's river just right and had not been behind some guy hauling his boat, i probably would have made it. but i didn't get the perfect shot. good shots, but not the perfect one.

oh well

tomorrow the creativity begins. i'm looking forward to it. and i have to say i slept in today. z comes in about 2 or 3 and says, "you're still in your p.j.s?" i said, "yeah, i'm having a day."

i have never been less stressed in my life. i'm loving it. when i went to the grocery store tonight, i looked across the street as i was getting into the car, and saw the river park across the street. beautiful shot!

i love this place!


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