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Viking, North Utsire, South Utsire
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Still full of snot and gloom, but will focus on the positives [yikes, just made six bullet points, no pressure then]:

  • I took a pic of my coffee and fags for the photo-a-day topic 'breakfast'
  • I got myself dressed
  • and drove down to the beach caff for a bacon and egg butty
  • where I bumped into JSing and conducted myself appropriately (I think), chatting about books with her and her god-daughter.
  • Stayed and sat in the sun for a while, but it was fucking freezing so I drove home.
  • Added some more veg and had another big bowl of chicken soup.


  • Started the letter to ED, as set for h/w by my new counsellor. This has been the biggie, preying on my mind for weeks now as I just didn't want to do it, to write a letter beyond her understanding, to have a daughter that can't understand what's going on, for that daughter to be my darling ED - ach, it's been difficult, but I can see why she asked me to do it. Seeing her (counsellor) tomorrow, then hopefully ED on Tuesday, if the Biblical weather can contain itself for a day or two.

    Speaking of which we've had the first outbreak of idiocy over here regarding homophobia and the weather. A member of one of the newer political parties made some statement blaming the legalisation of gay marriage for the recent floods (God's cross, apparently). I am pleased to say that he was suspended from the party within days and twitter immediately filled with spoof weather forecasts like: "A lingering look between 2 men at a gym in York has sparked concerns from residents living near the River Ouse" and "Council gritters are on high alert after a man in Peterborough went into a pub and ordered a glass of white wine", soon drifting into "Bitterly cold Daily Mail headlines will sweep through most of the UK causing widespread resentment of the unemployed" and this fabulous shipping forecast.

    What I don't understand about these people is how they can read the bible, look at our society (both UK and US) and decide that this is the one thing that would piss God off enough to chuck all this weather at us. Wasn't there something about looking after the poor, healing the sick and the rich not being welcome in heaven? Repeated a bit more often than the one line about homosexuality, which is anyway stuck in the midst of a whole load of other stuff they all happily ignore. Idiots. Poisonous idiots at that.

    Today I am grateful for: still soup; sunshine; peacefulness; books; fresh sea air

    Sweet dreams xx

  • Read/Post Comments (2)

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