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The simple bare necessities
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Here I am again with not much to report but the desire to keep on keeping on. Physically it's been a bit better today - the snot and cough arrived but the shivery feebleness lessened. I managed to walk a bit, nowhere near 6k, but D the acupuncturist is most insistent that I refrain from pushing myself until I've built up a bit more - well, can't remember the Chinese word she uses, but whatever it is, mine's all gone again and I'm advised to rest. I find that hard though, as I visualise my body seizing up in some old crone shape, never to be fluid again, but so far D has been proved right every time, so I am listening.

Having said that, I am going to visit ED tomorrow, cold or no cold - it's not a hospital, they aren't frail in that way - and I will be mainly sitting in my car shouting at the radio. I intend to spend two or three hours with ED then come home again before the evening rush hour, but we'll see how we go. I can stay the night there if I feel like it, or leave after ten minutes.

I'm thinking of doing haiku writing with her again, but this time I have a list of topics from YD: happy, smile, yummy, grateful, wonder, fresh, hot. I think she'll enjoy that - she can still come up with a five or seven syllable phrase to order and likes a challenge that she can meet. I feel very anxious about it all though and immensely glad not to have to try and achieve sleep without pharmaceutical assistance.

Today I am grateful for: MS counsellor - fabbo; still chicken soup, finished today; long chat on phone with YD; getting the hang of that phone - have downloaded a sudoku app, all by myself, but will probably delete it in a day or two as it's just more lost time otherwise, isn't it? And at 59 I'm aware that my time is not infinite; lemsip

Sweet dreams xx

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