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Big moan
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Oy, today was a long struggle, but it did end with a big dinner of roast pork and a mountain of veg, so all's well that ends well.

Bloke said he'd be here "as early as poss" this morning, but he wasn't and I couldn't get through to him on the phone and the minutes turned into hours... resulting in a battle with my anxiety and images of carnage on the motorway, totally tedious, exhausting and unnecessary as he turned up around midday full of bad temper about roadworks on the A2 and blah blah yawn - you know what old blokes can get like. That.

So we'd had it with the easy drive across London before the traffic gets going, so that took fucking hours, then when we got to the mobile home, none of us had thought to mention to Grandson that we was coming with me back to YD's today - he'd thought YD was collecting him tomorrow and had plans for spending the day on his Xbox in cyber company with a girl from his class at school and got into a right strop. We had the silent treatment all bloody day - could be worse I know, there was no shouting or refusal to co-operate, but I'm out of practice with sulky teenagers. Sigh. And another bloody sigh.

ED was sleepy and dopey and didn't say a word and broke my heart all over again, which I sucked up in front of silent boy. We took her to a different park, landscaped by Capability Brown apparently, but you can't get to that bit in a wheelchair and the tea bar had run out of milk and bread so nothing to eat and a double espresso to drink which didn't do me much good. Then I smashed the glass on my phone somehow, just in my bag, and it's gone temperamental, and I forgot to take my fucking walking stick and ended up walking miles, slowly. The weekend staff at the care home were arsey about the keys to the van which we are now keeping there, which pissed me off, ED's appointment is not for the near hospital, but one in the town with all the horrid double and treble roundabouts and I dread everything about that. The other residents (and the staff), do seem to love ED - we left her sat next to P, an older woman who also has MS and just have to trust that it's all OK.

Bloke dropped me and still silent GS off at the underground station where I pressed the wrong button on the ticket machine and paid three times what I needed to for the journey back to YD's, during which GS maintained a frosty demeanour for the full hour and a quarter and I could have SCREAMED THE FUCKING PLACE DOWN, but I didn't, I just didn't.

But a nice evening - Son came for dinner as well, the food was fab, followed by undemanding shite telly and now bed.

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