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Hello darlings - hope all is well where you are, that you're holding steady, that kind of thing.

I'm home again, on my sofa, don't have to get up in the morning - winning, in other words. I did leave my fucking kindle at YD's, which is a pisser as I always read in bed for a bit, but I haven't even glanced at Saturday's Guardian yet, so I'll manage. I read it online during the week, as it's a lot of unnecessary paper, but we don't want to lose real newspapers, do we?

The art group at the psych unit was a step too far today, I decided as I drove into town back from London, with no minutes to spare. I didn't have it in me to meet new people, not after the weekend I've had, and with a streaming cold - as I closed the laptop last night after writing that big moan, I started remembering things I hadn't mentioned, like that I'd sneezed all day and was now all snotted up. So I decided that not dragging myself to the art group today, but starting next week, was a good decision, classed as self care not bottling out.

Since then it's been lemsip, eucalyptus oil, tissues and not a lot else. Caught up with Downton Abbey, total tosh with no regard for historical accuracy, full of horrid characters, but kind of exuberant about its foolishness so still quite compelling.

My old pal and ex-colleague MH came round and took me out to dinner down the road at the Greek place, which was a perfect pick-up. We ate loads and talked up a storm. She's one of my favourite people on the planet - it was a sad loss to me when I left that school and didn't see her every day.

And I've spoken to YD who had The Conversation with poor grandson. The one about his mum's future prospects. She said it was hard and sad but that he's seemed a bit 'lighter' since. He did know, really. She said she'd help him have some fun with his mum. She is a good girl - I don't know that I'd have been able to keep my own feelings reined in enough.

Today I am grateful for: safe and speedy drive home; not having to think about what to have for dinner for three nights in a row; not having to leave town tomorrow; my family, all supporting each other;ad breaks in which to blog so I can go to bed at a decent time.

Sweet dreams xxx

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