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Ten quick things
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1. Been in bed or on the sofa all day with the latest virus (everyone's doing it, all the rage, etc). Last fucking straw to be honest.

2. Took ED out in London at the weekend, to the Turbine Hall at the Tate, thinking being in such a vast space would make a change, if nothing else.

I don't have a clue whether she enjoyed it in any way or if we just exhausted her.

3. YD has an eviction date - March 3rd, for fuck's sake. There is nothing in the private sector that is affordable now that there's a benefit cap. I cannot begin to understand how this works - who the fuck is paying two grand a month to live in a scuzzy shithole? London is being emptied. YD and SIL are scared of leaving his MS team, and will probably end up living in 'temporary' emergency accommodation for two to three years unless there's an unprecedented something or other.

4. On the live bit of the episode of Eastenders this evening, celebrating its 30th anniversary, one of the actors referred to another by his real name rather than his character's name. The appalled look on her face was quite cheering.

5. I am hungry, so I'm probably better than I was.

6. I haven't really got ten things to say.

7. But that's never stopped me.

8. I was called a good swearer the other day, in fact, and I quote, "the best swearer I have ever met" which I consider to be high praise. OK, high fucking praise, but it's a bit cheap and easy... Oh, OK.

9. Nah, I'm done.

10. Not really.

Today I am grateful for: a roof over my head; not having snow up to my armpits; having a PC to moan on; and a blog; and a bed to go back to


Read/Post Comments (2)

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