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Wednesday's child is full of woe
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And now there's no hiding it, I am a mentally ill person, overwhelmed by life events. We are moving house on Friday - well, from Friday. I know it is (will be) good but not now, now it's all too much.

I am attending a self-compassion group, which is good because it keeps all this in focus - I am not well. I can do a fair impression of wellness on FB for the benefit of kids and Grandson, but - actually, I don't know how I come over, beyond posting too much, probably, feedback on that would be appreciated - not about whether I post too much, I don't care about that, people can unfriend me or block me if I get on their nerves, but on whether my mentalness is evident.

I just phoned the landlord and gave my notice - one month from today.

I don't have any food in - I keep going to the supermarket, spacing right out and abandoning my basket before I've done. So I will take myself out for breakfast right now. A person cannot maintain wellness on an empty stomach. Or achieve wellness.

I am grateful for: a computer to moan on; friends who listen/read; physical health; a good group; a new beginning (actually, I lied about the last one, but I expect I will be grateful later)

Happy Wednesday xxx

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