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Today I am grateful for:

1. A warm blanket of support from all over, making me feel very loved. Thank you.

2. A brilliant yoga class - first time I've been able to get to both Monday's class and the Thursday one since last year - this is the way to do it

3. Homework from Self-Compassion group. Last week's was to find three minutes every day to do a set of soothing breathing exercises and write a few notes about how it felt. This week's is to fit a little self-nurturing in as well. We had to discuss possible choices in pairs. I have chosen to dance to at least one track every day. Last night is was Patti Smith, Gloria, live from 2011. Just now it was Ian Dury and his rhythm stick. Fucking brilliant. I used to do this a lot in the last place, but it was a house, this is a flat, with a downstairs neighbour. So I've done the last two nights here dancing without moving my feet (much) and both times it felt awkward and a bit embarrassing - the concept of dad-dancing - meh - to start with but each time the music did its stuff and I gradually loosened right up and yay for that. Tomorrow I shall dance on the solid concrete floor of the new house but I've forgotten what I decided to dance to. Ca plein pour moi.
4. Great session with H today, my CPN. Such a wise, kind woman. I will survive this.
5. Bed.

Sweet dreams dear friends. Don't know what the wifi will be like for a while as we both forgot about all of that kind of thing. Water, electric, gas, post. Neither of us did anything about any of them. Ah well.

See you on the other side xxx

Read/Post Comments (4)

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