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Bed now
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So. (Sorry, but I've just seen another article stating quite dogmatically that it is ALWAYS wrong to start anything with the word 'so', which is a bit of an incitement, don'tcha think?).

So. I wrote all that about affirmations and trying to focus on the positive on Sunday night and on Monday morning, not even twelve hours later, some fucking uninsured fucker drove into the back of our wheelchair van, crushing the door, putting YD and SIL into a bit of a shocked daze and leaving me with a lifetime of phone calls to the wrong insurance bastards. And now the temptation is to just rant about it, because for fuck's fucking sake I was ALREADY MENTAL and at the END OF MY FUCKING TETHER. and so was YD, but I've just committed to looking on the fucking bright side, so a rant is probably not the answer, though I must just note that

1. It doesn't help when you've dropped your phone so many times that when you make a call the screen goes black and freezes so you can't select options, nor can you end the call if it goes unanswered without taking the back off and the battery out. This does not aid the maintenance of a calm demeanour when dealing with fuckery of any kind, including insurance related fuckery.

2. It also doesn't help that there's - ach no I can't be arsed.

Good things:

1. The van is being mended, no excess to pay, no reduction in no claims bonus and only another three or four phone calls will probably (possibly?) produce a car for YD to use in the meantime.

2. There's a book-making place opened in one of the arty beach huts. I went in and chatted a bit, and mentioned my book-making workshops at Glasto and she was all, "Oh my God, someone was in here last week who did your workshop and was raving about it!" Which was pretty cool. I bought an awl, for making the holes in several layers of paper all at once, though it's too sharp to use in workshops with kids.

3. YD is doing better.

4. I've planted things. Including lupins and runner beans.

Bed now - maybe I was too tired to have a pipe.

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