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I said yeah yeah
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I'm going to try and be a bit less miserable. I just read a thing about affirmations, which was largely the usual old hippy stuff you'd expect, but it did point out what a drag it is hanging out with people who are always negative, and even more so when they're inside your head.

It is indeed bad enough having a daughter decimated by MS without being miserable about it. So I'm going to try and construct a more positive narrative and we'll see where that gets me.

I had just posted this on FB: Things I don't give a fuck about currently include Eurovision, the queen being 90, Upton Park, anything Boris Johnson says about anything ever, ditto Trump and could have added the next actor to play James Bond and Game of fucking Thrones, but I won't because I'm Mrs Happy. (What do you mean, I'm not off to a great start?)

There was a fantastic programme on BBC this evening by Louis Theroux, A Different Brain, about people living with brain injury and their families. None of them were remotely like ED in specifics, but they all were in that the person had changed and become emotionally inaccessible. It was sad but kind of heartening too in that it reminded me I'm not the only one living with this shit and at least my girl isn't aggressive or nasty.

I'm interested in Prince Charles saying he's been using homeopathic remedies on his herd of cattle for years, to avoid unnecessary antibiotics. Everyone is taking the piss, but I'd like to hear from his staff - are his cattle healthy or not, or have the staff been sneaking antibiotics in behind Charles's back, or is he just lying or does homeopathy work? Sounds like a good test case to me.

This is what I did at art group the other day:

and this is one of the photos I sold in the open house

Today I am grateful for: a warm bed on a chilly night; acupuncture tomorrow; YD being a bit steadier; summer on its way; the NHS


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