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So I paid my £25 to become a Labour Party Supporter, with a bitter heart and complaining as I went, both on Corbyn's twitter feed and on the application form, in the little box that asked why I wanted to become a LPS, where I told them. Because you bastards are making us do this and I refuse to relinquish my entitlement to vote for the leader of the party. Honestly, written down it sounds like some weird, cold-war, anti-communist bullshit, but what are we meant to do? These are scary times, Trump, for fuck's sake, no time for sitting on the sidelines wringing our hands. I mean, I say that, I'm only going to vote, I'm done with marching or arguing with people face to face, but I am going to vote, because the Labour Party is fighting for its life as a party of working people against the corrupt Blairite fuckers who have held sway for so long and who will stop at nothing to keep their grip - though I really don't understand why they don't just join the Tories and have done with it. I always used to say that Blair must have been recruited by the Tories when he was at Uni and told to go and take over Lab and make it support capitalism red in tooth and claw. And maybe that is what's happened. Just because a lot of conspiracy theories are mental, it doesn't follow that no one ever conspired.

I'm going to bed. Grateful for: a day at the beach with YD; enough money to pay the £25 without having to go hungry; roof over head; comfy bed; quiet cat


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