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This is one of my favourite things ever, with some of the best swearing since Malcolm Tucker, from sea change on twitter, with added punctuation by me, for those of you who might have missed it:

MARY FUCKING SHELLEY: "Oh, I'm a nineteen-year-old female in a world where females are basically valued only as mothers, grieving over the loss of my child, disowned by my father, in dire financial straits, stuck in a country that's not my own, ignored and cheated on by my husband and belittled by my husband's friends. How am I going to deal with this? WHY DON'T I COMPLETELY CHANGE THE RULES OF LITERATURE, MOTHERFUCKERS? AND WHILE I'M AT IT, I'LL SIMULTANEOUSLY INVENT AN ENTIRE NEW GENRE AND WRITE THE FIRST NON-RELIGIOUS CREATION MYTH."

And that's all I got tonight. I'm grateful for: a windy walk to the end of the pier with ED; thinking that a week of Headspace meditations might be doing me some good - I tidied up a bit; some cool friendly messages from people I like in real life and online; singing group - today I chose Que Sera, Sera; sweet peas

Seet dreams xx

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