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Angry and Disappointed

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WB held an employee screening for Terminator 3 last night, and we tried to see it. But no such luck.

Thanks to WB's incredible forsightedness and consideration to those standing in line, we got to wait over an hour and a half, only to reach the door about six people too late to even make it into the second theatre they opened for the showing.

What a lame bunch who can't 1) anticipate the long line of 1000+ people, 2) come up with a system for making meaningful reservations, and 3) at least make an effort (or have the courage) to tell you whether you have a chance of making it into the showing so that you don't have to wait in line over an hour and a half with negative results.

Well, I learned my lesson. I will not be attending any more such screenings after that experience.

Thanks for nothing, WB. You suck.

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